ECA Courses and Training

ECA Executive Education is a truly fascinating learning experience – one that inspires GRC practitioners and senior executives to engage in thought-provoking workshops. Our events, training programmes and conferences offer the opportunity to delegates to return to their workplace with fresh insights on their professional strengths and interpersonal skills, refined strategies to take their leadership and GRC toolkits to the next level, and share best practices and knowledge within a professional network.

Locations include:

  • UK, London venues
  • Eurasia
  • Europe

Please note that you must have at least 5 years of experience to apply for some of our specialist programmes, and your organisation must sponsor your participation.

The ECA offers over 50 specialist courses in Governance (Public and Private), Risk and Compliance, Financial Crime Compliance, Enterprise Economic Security, Audit, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorist Finance (CTF), Financial Intelligence (for Financial Institutions and Financial Intelligence Units – FIUs), Finance, Law, Advanced Management, and Oil & Gas.

The ECA also offers customised training solutions to its members and to their organisations for the design, development and delivery of in-house and tailor-made training courses.

The training is delivered by recognised professional training consultants holding the highest degree of qualifications and having over 20 years of professional experience in their fields of expertise (RFQ/CQFW: level 8; FHEQ: level 8, SCQF: level 12; EQF level: 8):

RQF / CQFW level FHEQ level SCQF level EQF level Example qualification
8 8 12 8 Doctoral degree
7 7 11 7 Master’s degree
6 6 10 6 Bachelor’s degree with honours
9 Non-honours bachelor’s degree
5 5 8 5 Higher National Diploma
4 4 7 Higher National Certificate
3 N/A 6 4 A-level
2 N/A 5 3 GCSE (grades A*–C)
1 N/A 4 2 GCSE (grades D-G)
Entry E3 N/A 3 1 Skills for Life
E2 N/A 2 N/A
E1 N/A 1 N/A


What you can expect

Focused on GRC, ECA’s courses and training empower you to truly take on the cross-functional responsibilities of departmental and corporate leadership. Our courses’ highly integrated approach will not only broaden your horizons and understanding of compliant practices and effective risk management procedures, but will also strengthen your confidence to lead by example global teams and cross-functional initiatives. You will return to your organisation ready to identify, filter and solve problems, and you will master true agility and adaptation to global market shifts.

Your course of study

Our courses offer striking learning experiences. ECA training can accelerate both your personal and professional transformation by combining on-venue and supplementary distance-learning modules forming part of your training transcript and certificate.

Delegates can choose between Certificates of Attendance, Certificates of Award with an examination or a combination of both in those cases that a Diploma course is taken. Through case studies, and professional one-on-one coaching, you will develop the proper action plans and you will be empowered to navigate global Governance, Risk and Compliance trends.


The ECA’s Admissions Committee meets monthly, and admits qualified candidates and ECA members on a rolling, space available basis – priority is given to ECA members always. Early application is encouraged. Although there are not formal educational requirements, proficiency in written and spoken English or Russian is required.

ECA is committed to its delegates and to their sponsoring organisations. In fact, the ECA expects the commitment of both during our programmes. While participants are attending an ECA course, sponsoring organisations agree to relieve them of their work responsibilities so that they can fully focus on the learning experience.

Furthermore, ECA members are expected to take minimum one training course per year and to attend the ECA’s Annual Corporate Governance Forum.

ECA Annual Corporate Governance Forum

The ECA annual forum brings together representatives from Eurasian Financial Institutions and Corporations, Regulators, Regional Bodies and Global Bodies to share knowledge and deliberations on current regulation for the purpose of fostering good governance, due diligence and risk management best practices; and to discuss various challenges at the regional and international levels.

The annual forum is part of ECA’s commitment to improve the culture of governance and to support regulatory compliance development in the region. The facilitators of the Discussions are renowned field experts who are committed to enhancing existing due diligence and risk management process across the region.

ECA GRC Annual Forum 2017

Valuing Expertise: New Governance, Risk and Compliance Dimensions 

Dates and more details to be published shortly.

Enquiries: Academic Programmes Manager, ECA