Promoting research and professional development in Eurasia and internationally

The ECA not only brings together GRC professionals, specialist researchers, and legal practitioners, but it also fosters the exchange of knowledge and best practices as well as strong professional networks beyond diverse geographies and jurisdictions.

The ECA promotes research by its own staff and various research fellows and associates from the Eurasian region. Research conducted at the ECA promotes and facilitates a GRC research hub both through our central London venues and online through our web research resources.


High impact research at ECA

Within its agenda of promoting research facilitation, advancing innovation, and bridging research between the academy, the GRC profession, civil service and Financial Services Industry, the ECA produces its high impact research. High impact research at the ECA addresses niche areas of Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance, International Financial Regulation, International, Eurasian and European interdisciplinary taxation law and practice, and the shaping of the future of compliance in an age of rapid technological advancements, and changing patterns in Professional GRC & Legal Education and Training.